59 Club

Would you like the chance of winning up to £30 a week and supporting your Bonfire Society at the same time?

Read on for details of our new fundraising initiative for Society Members, Friends and Patrons.

The concept of the 59 Club is that Members, Friends and Patrons of the Society “buy” a particular number (or numbers) between 1 and 59, corresponding to the numbers on the weekly Saturday National Lottery draw.  Each Saturday the National Lottery draws a Bonus Ball – and if this is the same number as your own, you win!!!  It’s as simple as that.

Entry costs £1 per number per week.  Particular numbers can be allocated on request, on a first-come first-served basis.  Otherwise you will be advised of your random number allocation.  Multiple numbers are allowed.  Winnings will be half the value of the total weekly pot so, for example, if all numbers are bought the prize will be £30.  If only half the numbers are sold, the prize will be £15, and so on.

Numbers must be purchased for a minimum of 6 months and costs can be split into either 3-monthly (£13), 6-monthly (£26) or yearly (£52) payments, to be paid by standing order into the Bonfire Society Bank Account. 

The winning number will be advised to all members via a dedicated 59 Club WhatsApp group and email each week following the draw.  Winnings will be paid by bank transfer into your account.  You do not have to claim your prize – it will be paid automatically. If your payments lapse your number will no longer be eligible to win.  If a Bonus Ball number has not been purchased (or payment has lapsed) there will be a rollover of the prize pot to the following week.

For legal reasons, you need to be a member, friend or patron to take part in the 59 Club, from just £10 a year, you can download the membership application form here, or apply online at our Get Involved page.

59 Club Rules

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